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    Patch to client version 7.5! After that is all done then download the awesome program called Razor! Razor helps to macro. Please enter into the login section at the start up of the Razor program. Do not forget the port number 2593 in the port box. YOU MUST HAVE INSTALLED .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 to make razor work. It's windows coding so you can read and open the program. Don't worry you can virus scan it all you like. I do recommend you look at Uo Auto Map before you start your journey, otherwise you will probably get lost. You may AFK macro anyplace anytime on the server!
    Receive four skills at 65.0. You can PVP or None PvP. We have a beginners player area, Awsome auto mated quests. Telestones, Bankstones, Supply Stones, Hundreds of Rare's, (Events when a GM is present), A Neutral Zone where it is safe for all players. Don't forget to type .commands in game to see the command list. You get 2k starting gold.

    Get the Hues file and overwrite the hues file in your uo folder so you can see our neat colors.

     Download the full pack Here
    Gumps New artwork a must have to experience the way I have created things
    HUES For our colors a must have
    UOASSIST For Old Clients
    Just in case you need it MAP1 File

    Install Framework first its a windows component. Then download Ultima Online. After that is patched download Razor its a program to help you with Uo to macro and keep track of things read its info file. Then install the hues to see our neat colors and place it in your uo folder and overwrite it. Make sure that the read only file box is unchecked and hit ok. Otherwise it will not overwrite the file to see colors.

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